Pain, Loss, Grief, & Anger
ManagingPain, Loss, Grief & Anger
Parents Experience withPain, Loss, Grief & Anger
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Pain, Loss, Grief, & Anger
Pain, Loss, Grief, & Anger

Parents Feel ...

  1. Hurt by infertility and the emotional pain, loss, and grief associated with infertility or the treatment
  2. Protective of family members from any pain, loss, and grief by sheltering them from the knowledge their grandchild, niece, nephew is not genetically related to them
  3. Angry that they were placed in the position of having to tell their child… Why me? Why my family?
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Managing Pain, Loss, Grief & Anger
Managing Pain, Loss, Grief, & Anger
  1. Acknowledge the pain, loss, grief or anger you feel
  2. Take time for self-care
  3. Choose to focus on the positive
  4. Incorporate your feelings into your telling story with your children, on their terms
  5. Getting Ready, Letting Go
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Parents Experience with Pain, Loss, Grief & Anger
Parent Experiences with Pain, Loss, Grief, & Anger

Two Moms share their experience

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